Optical Access
"It is time to overbuild our nation's legacy, copper-based networks to enable us to compete in a digital economy"

Tower Access & Backhaul

The demand for wireless data access is experiencing explosive growth. Wireless operators are scrambling to meet capacity demand while still managing costs. They need to both scale their existing services and expand into new geographic areas. The availability of optical backhaul access can be the key to optimized performance and cost control.

The A2D Tower Access service provides the capability to place carrier-neutral towers on or near our existing network facilities so that you can expand your wireless network without the expense of costly fiber builds or dedicated tower access. With optical access to one of the world's most connected network backbones, you reach a shared infrastructure that creates an open platform for network connectivity that provides you with more competitive options to backhaul your wireless traffic.

Tower Access Benefits

- Direct optical access to network backbone with flexible interfaces and connectivity options

- Reduced wireless provider conflict and fewer potential licensing issues through neutral tower arrangements

- Reduced up-front capital requirements compared to building your own tower

- More than 300 potential locations to access voice, data and Internet services

- Alternative access to underserved, rural markets

Tower Access Service Details

- Flexible Tower Access Options

- Lease space on an existing on-site tower

- Access new, neutral on-site tower construction

- Off-site tower enablement connects you to A2D at site property line

- Range of speeds across private line, Ethernet private line and wavelength services

- Enables access to A2D's Internet, VPN and Voice services