"We are ready to partner with industry to leverage our FTTx Networks to develop the innovations of tomorrow"

Research & Development

A2D is developing one of the most advanced, all optical, open access networks in the world. Our goal is to partner with universities, technical colleges, manufacturers and application developers to help them create innovative technologies and services that are able to take full advantage of fiber-to-the-home technology and seamless mobility services.

As we continue to grow and replicate our networks in underserved areas yet interlink them with other provider's metro network, A2D will be able to offer on-net (co-location) access to the world's largest manufacturers and innovators - allowing them to turn our network into one of the largest technology labs in the world.

We believe that A2D is the only fiber-based, open access network provider in America, that will enable multiple providers to securely create, test and deliver the latest in broadband-based services and solutions to their customers that are connected to our network. We also believe that we are also the only provider that is willing to set-up a Virtual Technology LAN (VT-LAN) that will enable our nation's best innovators to co-locate on our network to create and test their most innovative systems and application directly to a diversified set of end-users (residential, small business, anchors and enterprises) without being exposed to the internet.