Optical Access
"It is time to overbuild our nation's legacy, copper-based networks to enable us to compete in a digital economy"

Changing the Access Industry

Our wholesale optical access service offering is complimentary and compliant with the National Broadband Plan where the US Government desires to have 100 Million Households, Anchors and Businesses across America connected to Next Generational Broadband by 2020. A2D's objective is to continue to overbuild legacy-based TDM and Cable RF networks in rural markets.

We will do so by delivering and all-fiber optic, IP Ethernet network connection to every premise within our target service areas - specifically any rural community in the southern US that has a population of 250,000 or less.

Because A2D is not a CLEC, ILEC, RBOC, ISP or MSO, any end-user connected to our network will have the ability to subscribe and receive retail, broadband-based services from any provider interconnected with our network.

If you are a rural carrier or last mile service provider and are interested in learning more about our wholesale access services, please choose one of the links in the column to your left.