"We are ready to help you lock down the flow of data to ensure it is never compromised!"

Network Security Management Services & Solutions

Your company's daily operations are increasingly dependent upon Internet technology, email, and your network infrastructure. Intrusions, spyware, viruses and hackers can threaten your critical business communications every day. And the potential cost in terms of revenue and productivity could be debilitating. You've made protecting your business a top priority; but defending against sophisticated attacks can be complicated and time-consuming. A2D can help with our portfolio of Managed Security services.

A2D DDoS Protection - A network-based solution that combines commercial and proprietary hardware, software and managed solutions, to respond in real time to DDoS attacks at multiple layers.

A2D Managed Firewall - This fully managed stand-alone firewall device provides turnkey management of your security services. It allows authorized users to remotely access your network and provides a barrier between your internal and external communications network.

The A2D Spam and Virus Protection service - It's your first line of defense in stopping email threats before they reach your corporate network.

Managed Security Service Benefits

- Enhance the availability, performance and efficiency of your security operations without increasing IT resources.

- Optimize resolution by responding in real time to next-generation attacks.

- Protect your reputation and your brand by reducing business disruptions and mitigate loss by detecting and minimizing attacks against your network.

- Web Content Filtering add-on component available for additional security

Managed Security Service Details

- Single point of contact for end-to-end security management of your A2D WAN communications and security services

- 24 x 7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and trouble management through device and network monitoring and reporting, as well as technical problem resolution via Service Management Center and customer MyBBU portal