Residential &
Small Biz
"We are ready to help you leverage broadband to reap the inherent benefits of a digital society"

Residential & Small Business Services & Solutions


A2D's Residential Managed Service Group offers value-add solutions to end-users connected to our networks that help them leverage the inherent benefits of broadband in a safe, secure environment.

A2D has deployed a network that is designed to first and foremost, protect people, their property and their data. Our listed service providers are able to provide Internet access, digital voice, and Cable TV as well as IP based alarm monitoring, video surveillance, access control and more. Through our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center and regional service organization, we are able to provide a complete line of IP-based solutions that don't require internet access. These include interactive video, remote access management, and intrusion and life safety alarms.

In addition, residential broadband networks are once again entering a period of major change - and opportunity - driven by subscriber needs and expectations. Energized by the liberating experience of Over The Top (OTT) Video on Demand (VOD) services that cater to their unique needs, subscribers now want the freedom of a broadband service without boundaries - one in which they can consume any content or application, on any device, anytime, anywhere. Challenged by the negative impact of OTT VOD traffic on network bandwidth and the perceived threat to their Pay TV services, service providers are responding with rigid caps on bandwidth utilization. A2D's broadband network infrastructure provides a robust bandwidth availability to accommodate all video service providers across our broadband network.


Small & Medium-size Businesses (SMB):

A2D delivers secure broadband access and managed network solutions that enable SMBs to cost-effectively connect their business locations to each other, the Internet, and to their business partners. A2D focuses on the SMB and brings to market products and services in a format that can be easily managed by a company with limited IT resources.

Industry Solutions:


Today's small healthcare organizations, including private practice, health clinics, and outpatient care facilities confront numerous challenges in their effort to increase efficiency and deliver quality patient care. A2D provides quality managed broadband IP VPN and security solutions that allow the healthcare industry to deliver quality patient care with higher efficiency.


A2D delivers broadband IP VPN access solutions that address the needs of retailers to provide a more customer-friendly environment. We enable restaurateurs to drive overall business performance by bringing forward opportunities to develop incremental revenue streams, improve staff productivity, and reduce operational costs.

Complete Office

A2D's allows businesses to save more on their communication services than ever before. By choosing to package multiple services from A2D - including Business Broadband, Hosted Voice, Hosted Exchange and Data Backup, customers can reduce their expenses and increase employee productivity.

Cloud-based Collaboration

Discover how Hosted Exchange and Hosted SaaS from A2D can increase employee productivity, efficiency, and communication. Use the A2D cloud-based solutions to help ensure better collaboration between your employees, customers, and vendors.