IP Transport
"1Mbps - 100Gbps: The pipe is not the issue"

Lit Fiber Access: IP Ethernet

A2D enable last mile providers and regional carriers to deliver simple, scalable, and cost effective managed IP Ethernet (Metro-E) over fiber to any small business, enterprise, anchor institution, government agency, wireless carrier or other provider connected to A2D's fiber network -- all based on Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) standards. Our Wholesale "Lit", IP Ethernet Transport-to-the-Premise connections starts at 5 Meg and scales up to 10 Gigs. A2D has the lowest wholesale premise access pricing in the industry - moving your broadband-based traffic to and from your rural/urban PoP directly to your customer's premise.


Reliably connect and communicate between multiple PoP locations at high rates of speed within a given service area without using DWDM. Connect all the dots with a technology that you already know well -- IP Ethernet.

Premise-to-Premise VLAN

Enable your enterprise and government customers to connect and communicate between multiple locations at high rates of speed within A2D's network. Allow us to connect the dots and you can manage your customer's traffic - one connection - maximum flexibility.

Extended VLAN

A2D allows last mile providers and regional carriers to transport their customer's traffic across our network to other carrier's that we interconnect with to enable them to expand their IP Ethernet LAN offering to destinations across the county. Leverage our network to deliver your customer's applications across the world with a high speed, flexible wholesale solution that is not only extremely reliable and secure but available at a lower cost than your traditional RBOC, Metro Carrier or even building the links yourself.