What is

Our Core Ideology

The eCommunity Broadband Utility Framework includes 1) An Open Access Platform; 2) Wholesale-tothe-Premise Access Financing Model; and 3) A Community Outreach & Empowerment Initiative.

Each helps us solve what we believe to be the four basic barriers of the digital divide:

- If you don't have access, you are not connected.

- If you don't have a computer, you are not connected.

- If you don't know how to use a computer, you are not connected.

- If you can't afford the services, you are not connected.

The core objective of the eCommunity Model is simply: Provide a connection that has the inherent technical ability to enable any homeowner, who can't afford consumer services, to have direct access to community-based content and resources; Enable a sustainable mechanism where local anchor institu tions outreach and religious organizations, non-profits, and government agencies can overlay innovative content as well as provide computers and training that meet the basic needs of the people. Once these subsidized "ePrograms" flourish, we will collectively create sustainable communities that are able to grow economically and compete in the digital age.

eCommunity: always on & always neutral

To learn more about our eCommunity Framework, how it was created, and how we plan to deploy it through America, download our eCommunity Brochure.