"We already protect the flow of your data across our network, now we are ready to protect it when it needs to be at rest"

Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

Unless you are still using backup tapes transported via the 'sneaker net', network connectivity is probably an important part of your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan. Some organizations use multiple carriers to protect their connections. Are you aware that even if you have 'redundant' communication services from two different carriers, those carriers could be delivering their connections to you using a common path? That common path could be A2D's network. The added benefit though is A2D build's into all of our network redundant paths with diversified routes - all on mesh core routing backbone. As a result, even if you are receiving IP Ethernet or Wavelength services from a carrier or last mile provider that is leveraging A2D's network, you can rest assured that your link is protected.

Although A2D does not sale Internet Access to end-users, we do offer a comprehensive BCDR solution directly to anyone connected to our network. Your BCDR strategy demands reliability and our extensive footprint combined with our trustworthy engineering practices delivers it.

BCDR Solution - How You Benefit

- Truly diverse services provide maximum protection from physical network damage

- More options for network redundancy and routing for improved availability and latency, pay for only the level of protection you need

- Performance backed by service level agreements (SLAs)

- Physical and electronic route diversity options through a single vendor

BCDR Solution - How It Works

- A portfolio of services that provides a range of service availability metrics

- Specific engineering practices to ensure your diverse route remains diverse

- Professional services support to custom design solutions to meet your specific requirements

- Optional wireless backup add-on for business continuity planning