Data Mngt &
"Helping our customers access and interpret their disparate data in real-time"

Access, Continuity and Analytics

Data Migration and Extraction

Accurate, professional transference of data and applications from an old system to a new system can free up valuable human resources. With detailed mapping designs and data verification, A2D automated data migration services are fast and accurate. Projects of any size can be accommodated as a result of our capacity to handle very large amounts of data. We are also able to develop data migration programs that can occur one time or many times. And because we often deal with legacy systems, the know-how exists for data from legacy systems to be transferred into a new format while fully maintaining the integrity of the data.

Data migration services, when coupled with database architecture services, enable the consolidation of multiple or out dated systems into one comprehensive system.

However, many our customers have legacy systems that have not reached their end of life cycle or are too valuable to migrate to the latest mainframe-based systems. For those customers, A2D has a Data Continuity and Analytics Solution which can allow you to better access your legacy data and aggregate it with new data sets to compile a more intuitive view.

A2D, in partnership with VANTOS, is ready to integrate our A-Flex Platform which will help our customer's automate any process, integrate any data and deliver flexible presentations, providing rich software components and services that enable a rapid and agile delivery of custom data visualization and management applications..

A2D will review the unique business logic and work flow of your organization while reviewing the database structures of your legacy data subsystems to customize a composite application that can be sized and tuned to fit the unique needs of your organization. The advantage of our A-Flex Platform is it's ability to improve access to multiple data stores while remaining flexible enough to build custom, integrated yet intuitive views of disparate data, into one portal. When you integrate A2D's A-Flex Platform into your existing environment, you will benefit from:

- Ad hoc workflow which enables flexible, non-rigid processes with insertions and adjustments to processes as current situation demands

- Versatile, extensible data integration capability for all data: databases, documents, videos, images, photos, audio files and more, from both inside and outside the organization

- Real-time, on-demand insight into trends and key performance indicators

- Point and click reporting for internal and external use in variety of formats and delivery methods

- Continuous audit, notification and reporting capability

- Truly integrated, role-based, granular access management at file, record and field level

- Collect and secure any data as needed in a single system image (or universal repository) or leave in existing sub-systems

- Aggregate and present on-demand the data from the single system image or integrated disparate systems for real-time decision support, command and control

- Do all of the above in a rapidly adaptive, incremental and flexible software environment that is highly responsive to evolving business needs

Analytic Processing and Custom Reporting

Analytical processing and reporting are powerful tools for increasing business intelligence. A2D presents a suite of analytical processing and reporting tools (A-Flex) designed to help our clients gain the most insight from their data. These tools are designed to efficiently manage and sort the vast amounts of information an organization collects, enabling the exploration of trends and their impact on business.

Analytical processing tools such as A-Flex from A2D allow for complex queries and sophisticated modeling of data through a simple, familiar interface. This includes functionality for viewing data from different points of view, for a more complete picture of business performance. The variety of functions available within the tool for creating focused queries and detailed models enable the user to target the information that is most relevant, eliminating the problems of extracting too much or the wrong kind of information. Utilizing these analytical tools will enable the development of a comprehensive organizational picture that will help to:

- Develop predictive models to gain insight that can be used for strategic planning

- Improve and streamline processes and performance metrics

- Monitor changes in performance over short or long periods of time

- Develop, plan and focus future services

These insightful analytical tools are augmented by innovative reporting tools that allow clients to communicate their insights. This total solution to organizational analytics makes data accessible and puts it to work for the improvement of your organization.

In addition to providing sub-system migration and information integration services, A2D's A-Flex Platform can be delivered in a hybrid cloud: on-premise or as SaaS, as a hardened, secure appliance or VMWare install in multiple product configurations. A-Flex is installed and made operational in minutes, and organizations can rapidly begin to realize ROI that is measured in weeks and months instead of years.