Leased Fiber
"Fiber is a critical network asset - Leasing it is the last option"

Dark Fiber

As you increase your leased bandwidth, you increase your ongoing expenses as well. Depending on the amount of growth you experience, an investment in a facilities-based network can serve long-term needs while providing rapid payback. With A2D's Turnkey Dark Fiber Development and Leasing solutions, you gain the benefits of network ownership without having to construct the physical network yourself, for both metro and rural routes. You can also combine it with the A2D Managed Fiber Professional services for true bandwidth management.

By owning or leasing your own unlit fiber, you make the decisions - with our expert guidance - and you maintain control over your optronics. A2D will then deploy and provide ongoing network monitoring and management based on your individual requirements. Plus, we are committed to diversity, which gives you options for diverse routing, fiber reconfiguration, splicing and cross-connects.

Why you would want to build your own network using Dark Fiber?

- You get control over your network, allowing you to manage costs, capacity, performance and technology.

- Lean on A2D's experience to manage everything from the initial planning and design, to permitting and construction project management, to installation and ongoing management.

- Utilize the flexibility and customization available to you based on your individual dark fiber and equipment needs.

- Realize direct savings through A2D's ultra-competitive NRC and/or MRC pricing rates.

Why you would want A2D to turnkey design/build your next dark fiber lateral or ring?

- Custom network infrastructure built by A2D's team of professional planners, route design engineers, and field construction management team

- Professional Services support for all aspects of optical network construction, design, implementation and ongoing management

- Multi-conduit, high-fiber-count infrastructure available as leased fiber or IRU

- Go anywhere flexibility - We are ready to build no matter the terrain, climate - rural forest or urban jungle

- Although we don't have the existing dark fiber assets in our own network that you need, we are more than willing to build and maintain it anywhere based on your specifications