Optical Access
"Taking you anywhere in the world at the speed of light"

Carrier Transport: IP Ethernet & Wavelength DWDM

In addition to our regional networks being developed in Georgia, Alabama, Misssissippi, and Louisiana, A2D operates a long-haul fiber network for optical transport to key peering hubs, carrier neutral data centers, and carrier interconnection points. A2D can retain the required fiber IRU agreements with the largest domestic and international carriers to ensure diverse connectivity to any place in the world.

A2D is ready to deploy either our Mesh Core/Routing System within our Regional/Middle Mile Networks or our Infinera DTN switched WDM Digital ROADM system (Remotely configurable Optical Add/Drop Mux) to provide long-haul connectivity. Regardless of which network sub-system is used, A2D can provide our carriers and providers with a maximum of 400Gbps of aggregated middle capacity per core, or multuple terrabits of dedicated capacity via our transport network.

- 400Gbps capacity lit today (can expand to 1.6Tbps with minimal effort)

- Middle Mile System provides 1Gbps, 2.5Gbps and 10Gbps services or aggregated 400Gbps capacity

- GMPLS enabled for diversity requirements