Building open Digital Roads and Streets

What we do:

A2D is a wholesale carrier who builds and operates advanced open-access networks that deliver optical connectivity in distressed areas. Our goal is to eradicate the digital divide by delivering next generational connectivity to residents, small business, enterprises, and government agencies.

Why we exist:

Our nation's communications infrastructure is in dire need of being upgraded. The legacy-based copper network are at their capacity and the investment required to upgrade them is more than any one provider can bear. As a result, it will take the combination of both Public and Private funding resources. Unfortunately, the service provider business model is broken. Building to high-income, high density service areas first to satisfy private funding vehicles is causing a digital divide in our nation.

To overcome the challenge of delivering future-proof connectivity to all citizens, A2D has created a framework the enables us to uniquely leverage both public and private funding resources to build all-optical networks in distressed communities across the nation.

A2D is not a regulated service provider nor a non-facilities-based CLEC or MSLEC. We do not sale retail Internet Access, Cable/IPTV, Phone or other consumer services. We simply develop networks that deliver fiber-based connectivity to every premise in our target service area, and then charge participating providers a wholesale access fee to deliver services across our network to their subscriber.

The value of being open:

Although increased competition results in better services at lower price, we still believe that a small percentage of any community just cannot afford broadband-based services. Under A2D's Private-Public Partnership model it can establish a community intranet that enables citizens, who can't afford broadband, to still access community-sponsored content and websites in order to participate in distance learning, Telehealth, workforce development, and other online-based social-support programs.

Helping you take advantage of broadband:

In addition to being a wholesale access carrier, A2D provides a wide range of professional services, hosted solutions, and managed network services.